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Personal Finance made a breeze

Checkbook for all your accounts with a list of transactions, beautiful reports, and sync

Checkbook HD for iPhone and iPad

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Manage all your accounts

Always stay aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts, and how it happened. Track your wallet money as well.

✓ Unlimited number of accounts (checking, savings, debit card, cash, etc.)
✓ Multiple currencies
✓ Running balance
✓ Accounts reconciliation (balance and cleared balance)

"Managing all your accounts has never been so easy thanks to Checkbook HD!",

Track income and expenses

Manage recurring transactions, add both income and expenses, schedule delayed transactions and clear them later.

✓ Expenses, income, transfers between accounts
✓ Categories and subcategories
✓ Detailed entries (description, payee, check #)
✓ Recurring transactions (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and custom)

"Checkbook HD is Essential Ledger and Budgeting App for iOS",

Import data from bank

Quickly import your banking records and leave manual entry for cash transactions.

✓ Import of your bank's OFX file
✓ Automatic categorization based on previous transactions

Visualize your finances

Analyze your expenses with colorful charts and easy to read reports.

✓ Pie chart and bar chart reports showing the structure of your income and expenses
✓ Filters by categories, accounts and payees
✓ Beautiful PDF report for sharing and printing
✓ Export of your data in CSV format

“In a nutshell, I can’t really find what’s missing from it.",

Keep your data protected

Set up a PIN code to limit access to your entries. Easily backup your data and store it in a safe place.

✓ Password protection
✓ Backup

iCloud and Bluetooth sync

Keep your data in sync on all of your devices. Family sync is available as well.

✓ iCloud stores your data and makes it available on all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
✓ Bluetooth sync allows to sync your financial entries with your spouse or a business partner (iPhone and iPad)


✓ Over 1.5 mln downloads all over the world
✓ Translated into 18 languages
✓ 7 years on the App Store with continuous support
✓ Featured by Apple in "Staff Favorites" and "Money Matters"

Checkbook HD for iPhone and iPad

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